Your Feedback Matters

Flinn Scientific is looking for administrators, educators, lab managers and others (e.g. museum, homeschool, science enthusiasts) to support research, test prototype designs and help identify innovative new ideas. If you enjoy sharing your opinions and would like to make a difference in the products we create, please enroll today. When a research opportunity arises that matches your background and interests, we will contact you to ask if you are interested in participating. Your feedback will help create better learning experiences for all students, exceptional teaching environments for all educators, and superior time-saving systems for all lab managers using Flinn Scientific products. We look forward to your interest and participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I be contacted about research opportunities?

We will use the information you provide to match you with studies. We will email or call you when a suitable opportunity comes up.

How often will you contact me?

It will depend on how often studies are running that match the information from your profile. You can choose to participate as much or as little as you want.

Do you offer incentives to participate in studies?

The incentive offered will depend on the nature of the study. A request to complete a survey may have an associated sweepstakes with a randomized drawing for a limited number of gift cards. More time intensive studies (such as a phone interview or a usability investigation) may offer incentives to all who participate. We will tell you about any incentives offered in advance of your participation in any given study.

How do I change my information once it has been submitted to the Research Council?

Email your requested changes to and we will update your information.

How do I remove myself from the Research Council?

Send us an email at and request that your information be removed.

What if I still have questions?

Email with any question about the Flinn Research Council and we will happily answer you.

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